Brahms One
Mozart Piano Concerto No. 21, Mvt 3

Eugene Zhang is a 10-year old happy boy who enjoys music. He has been playing piano for over 6 years with Mrs. Nadya Dubikovsky. He participated in various competitions such as Hoosier Auditions, Carmel Debut, and Keller Competition. Prior to winning the Keller competition this year, he was a finalist and won honorable mention in Carmel Debut in 2014. In Hoosier Auditions, he won Alternate to the Winner twice and honorable mention once.

In addition to piano, Eugene has been playing violin with Mrs. Regan Eckstein for 2 years. He has also participated in 2016 Hoosier Auditions. He was a winner in Hoosier Auditions.

Besides music, Eugene plays sports including soccer and swimming.

He would like to thank his teachers, Mrs. Nadya Dubikovsky and Mrs. Regan Eckstein, for their teaching, encouragement, and dedication. He would also like to thank his music teachers at Happy Hollow and WL Junior High, Mrs. Michelle Brooks and Mrs. Carol Letcher, for their teaching and support.  Eugene also thanks his parents and brothers for their love and support. He especially thanks God for giving him the talent and patience to play piano.

He is very excited to perform for you!