The B-Side: Track 1
Electric & Strings

José Valencia is a violinist in your orchestra!  But, he does more than that.  In addition to conducting orchestras throughout the central Indiana region, he also teaches young musicians to play the violin and viola, hoping that they will learn to love making music as much as most musicians do.  He also serves on an inner-city program that provides training for young musicians who wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to take lessons.

In his spare time, José loves to build things with his own hands…big things, like houses.  He has built a vacation home with his family, a home in the woods by himself, and a home in Indiana with his better half.  Lately, he has taken to renovation of his house in a historic Indianapolis neighborhood.  The most recent completed projects include a beautiful backyard deck and an update to a second full bathroom.  He loves this neighborhood where walking his dogs, Barclay and Schroeder, can sometimes take an hour due to friendly neighbors stopping and talking.  He also loves to cook; his favorite recipes come from understanding the reasons why things work as explained in Cook’s Illustrated and, he loves to use produce from his garden.   A little wine goes a long way towards making the cooking experience enjoyable for him. José is also a PADI-certified Rescue Diver and loves to travel to dive sites.