200 Candles: A Hoosier Birthday Bash
Porter Selections from Can-Can and Kiss Me Kate

ArtSmart: Indiana celebrates our state’s 200 years! Art Smart: Indiana was one of the very first programs to be endorsed by the 2016 Indiana Bicentennial Commission as a Legacy Project. In her visit to the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette to announce that ArtSmart: Indiana had been endorsed as a Legacy Project, Indiana’s First Lady said, “To be able to capture a program that a teacher can take into a classroom and teach history through art is phenomenal-it kills two birds with one stone. A lot of times, art is something that some of your students, who can’t express themselves in other ways, can express themselves through. …It’s online. It’s ready to go.”

ArtSmart: Indiana is a major education and public program of the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette created in 1986 to teach fourth graders the history of Indiana from 1800 to the present time. It is now available online as a visual and interactive educational program that teaches Indiana’s 200-year history through the work of its artists. “ArtSmart: Indiana is an innovative tool that makes our rich history available, at no cost, to every child and adult in our state,” said Former Governor and Purdue University President, Mitch Daniels. “Art Smart is harnessing the power of technology to educate our fellow citizens on a subject of great importance. The partnership of public and private institutions that have come together to make this investment in Indiana’s future is a model we can look to as we continue to improve education in our state.”

Laurie Bailey, the Arts Correspondent for “Indiana Arts Insight”, made the following statement about ArtSmart: Indiana in 1986 that would be true for the web-based program today, “…fourth grade students, or anyone interested in the history and heritage of Indiana, begin to gain a new perspective of the State and its art. They see pieces of Indiana—its land people and history—as the eyes of artists saw them, as the artist thought and felt about them.” Finally, Dr. Robert Sabol, chair of the Division of Art and Design at Purdue and president-elect of the National Art Education Association has been using ArtSmart: Indiana for 30 years with his students and was recently quoted in the “Lafayette Magazine”, “This is the undisputed best source of information about art from Indiana and Indiana artists that art teachers or the public can access…The material on here is appropriate for learners of all ages. You could take preschoolers on here and they would have a blast, all the way up to lifelong learners. That’s how important it is.” Go to artsmartindiana.org and become Art Smart!

The ASI Team: Susan Chavers, Meg Ellis, Cheryl Rosenthal, Janet Stapleton, Sharon Theobald and Kathy Trout.

Petronio A. Bendito was commissioned by the Art Museum to create the exciting kinetic visual backdrop for the 200 Candles concert. This is the first collaborative performance by the two organizations. Bringing images of artwork from the ArtSmart: Indiana educational program to life, Petronio’s use of video mapping technology will visually enhance the LSO’s 22-minute medley of songs written by Indiana composer, Cole Porter.

Bendito works in a variety of media (e.g., inter-media, performance and digital art) and has exhibited his work nationally and internationally. His major research interests are in the areas of color aesthetics, interactive systems, motion design and visual literacy. He publishes and presents his work at conferences both nationally and internationally. He is currently an Associate Professor in Visual & Performing Arts at Purdue University.

This performance was made possible by support from State Senator, Ron Alting and from a Masterpiece Grant from the Indiana Arts Commission.